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Mistakes and Hoaxes


A video supposedly taken by the MIR space station of an opening into the Inner Earth at the North Pole is just a home video made by an animator.

A recent distribution from an ordinarily competent site included a link which leads to this video


which is lovely and moving. But it is not from MIR, as was claimed. It is not even a recorded video from space.

It was created by a talented video animator and posted on You Tube. It seems to be from the International Space Station, looking down at a hurricane. If it were a polar opening to the Inner Earth, it would seem that its counterclockwise spin woud, acccording to the Left Hand Rule of Subtle Energy Flow, draw energy down, not flow it upwards, as in the video. Just a clue. Check out the imagery at the 5th World Fund, where the great global healing mandala swirls in one direction drawing healing energy in, and then the othe direction, feeding healing energy upwards and out into the world.

When we share information in this Internet age, we must be doubly careful to cross check our sources. The first time any of our material is proven to be false, all of it comes under suspicion.

Keep your wits about you. Do not be näive or credulous. We all want proof of otherworldly claims, but we cannot mistake wishful thinking with real evidence.

Equally important is the idea that we forgive the honest mistakes of our good-hearted colleagues. We all make errors. Most of us are human. The site that posted this, I believe, is not trying to mislead anyone. It is an understandable oversight. We are all busy.

Remember, no one gets all the truth. All of us get some truth. It is up to each of us to put together our own truth, our "preferred understanding," as I like to call it, and be ready to change it at any time.

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