High priority message
from the Arcturian Council and the Council of Aboraha

3:00 AM EDT Monday, 5/2/2005
via Judith Moore

I see four great Arcturian mother ships around Earth. They are huge space stations, cloaked from NASA, but they are there. Humans cannot see them, even with satellites.

The Arcturians are telling me that Earth is going through some kind of a time warp right now and that our time fields are in flux. They have had to place a device around Earth that creates an energy-stabilizing field to assist the cohesion of our particle fields.

They tell me that the Earth is now in a crucial transitional phase that affects the photon energy that electrons use to adhere to each other and to protons and neutrons inside molecules. There is a cohesion field that controls how the protons and neutrons relate to each other in an electromagnetic field. The nature of magnetism is changing in this phase of acceleration, and I hear the word "transmugenative metamorphosis." Without off-planet assistance, in all mathematical probability the changing of the electrical charges in protons and neutrons would cause an instability of mass and matter on Earth. So we are at a peak of chaotic planetary energy. I can see them projecting this force field from the poles and the equator, and this force field around the planet is helping us stabilize.

They tell me that the probability of some major Earth changes between now and the first of July is very high. They tell me that if there is any time of instability, it is now, that the chaos factor is at a peak.

They tell me that we are all feeling massive Earth changes on a molecular level in our cells and that there will be increased reports of anomalies such as abnormal animal births. They see a coming time of increased birth defects in women who are at that certain stage of pregnancy when the disorientation of the electron particles can affect the way the DNA forms the map for the physical body. This danger would be mainly for the women who are in their first trimester because that is the real critical time for the DNA map to come in.

To offset this effect, the Arcturians are focusing a special kind of energy on Earth they call a "congenative embryonic restoration field." They are projecting it from the four space stations, creating an entraining energy beat that the planet follows in alignment, like a fetus hearing the heart of its mother. Planet Earth is now hearing the beat of the heart of its Cosmic Mother. This energy frequency helps stabilize our embryos, and without it we could have a whole siege of abnormal births.

I am being told that it is important to send this out to those of us who are aware with the instructions to visualize ourselves like grounding rods or lightning rods on houses. We are asked to visualize that we are conductors for stabilizing energy fields and to be aware that there will be many disturbances in interpersonal relationships right now because of the powerful flux in our time fields and the effects on our electron particles.

They tell me that the hologram that maintains our apparent reality is substantially stable right now, but there are massive areas of it that are wobbling right now. Remember how you feel in the middle of a movie that gets out of focus and and everything becomes blurry? There are whole fields of the holograph right now that are unstable. The majority of the field is stable enough to keep our reality from dissolving, but much of our perceptual holographic reality is currently unstable and in a warp pattern. The areas of the holograph that are blurred are the ones subject to Earth changes. The west coast of North America is now being blurred big time.

Those of us who are aware can be conductors for this incoming protective energy that is attuned to the heartbeat of the universe. Right now we are like an infant in a crib and the Arcturians are broadcasting this stabilizing energy force field like the heartbeat of the Universe, establishing a rhythm to help our electron particles reorient. This energy is being sent in a harmonic wave throughout the planet right now, and those of us who are aware can be grounding rods to help that energy stabilize the planet.
We are being instructed to set our intent to communicate with our electron fields in our own bodies so as to telepathically communicate to everything the message of the energy of stability. We are all related in the great web of life. If we can focus on our being microcosms of Earth and all of humanity being the macrocosm, any of us who can create stability in our microcosm will help the macrocosm to stabilize.

The challenge now is that instability is extraordinarily probable right now. We need to just stay focused on the stabilizing peaceful energy and encourage our cells by assuring them telepathically that this transition can be made.

We are all being asked right now to be midwives to the birth of Earth. Think of the great 12/26/2004 tsunami as the breaking of the waters in the birth process for Mother Earth. Just as during a delivery a midwife or a labor coach helps the mother to breathe, we need to do the same for our own cells, for our own microcosmic orbital fields, for our own planet. We must encourage a birth that is smooth, gentle and stable, because we are at a point of extreme instability on the planet. We will do it.

We are being asked to get this information out to as many aware, heart-centered people as we can, as soon as possible, and not to use the word "urgent," but rather to use the phrase "high priority."

End of transmission


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