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Flynn Johnson

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May we take up the challenge

that is presented

in these dark times.

May the cry of the Earth

and all of her inhabitants

and the Cry of the People,

those who have been cast out

because of the color of their skin,

those who are poor, hungry, homeless,

despairing of a dawn,

incarcerated, angry and lost,

those young ones who cannot

find a home for their heart's longing,

who have been numbed into a silent despair--

May their cries be a roaring in our ears.

May we awaken to the ways

we have forgotten who we are

and what destiny calls us forward.

May the saving grace flow from the danger

that haunts our days,

that screams from tree and rock,

from bird and bear,

from behind prison walls,

from our bloody hands.

How will it penetrate our numbness,

our narcissism and denial?

Who is listening?

Can we find the center place

where the heart knows no bounds,

where we are brothers and sisters

who remember the forgotten Way In,

who walk the holy road

of passion and beauty and love,

whose eyes still light with wonder,

who fall speechless before Mystery,

who Care?

May the tears of Mother Earth melt

our hardened hearts

and the spirit of her children soar into our jaded lives

and ignite the flame of longing and memory

carried forward by our Ancestors.

--Mitakuye Oyasin, All My Relations


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