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Yuroc of the 5th World


Blessings unobserved descend upon us daily
Like October leaves,
Each a treasure,
A small piece of eternity.

Three angels awakened me,
Beckoning me to sit in warm, swirling water
As Orion slowly stalked the fleeing darkness.
Alone in Oneness with All That Is,
I asked for signs from above
But saw nothing but
A tulip leaf that detached itself from a bough
To swirl lazily towards the earth
Where it landed in my clean hot tub,
Where I rejected it immediately
And went back to looking for signs.
Another landed in front of me,
Then another settled squarely on my head,
And I got it.

This small leaf, its initial duty performed,
With no fanfare or bugles
Left the only Home it ever knew
To fly fearlessly into the unknown,
To nourish future humus
For trees yet unborn
Whose oxygen will be breathed
By those on the far side of the Great Change.

The bough it called Home
Is lighter now,
The sky more visible from where I sit,
While light a hundred million years old
Paints my retina with twinkling images of distant stars.

A moment too soon,
And the ancient Light would have been blocked
By a Gift not yet received.

I breathe in Air oxygenated by this leaf in summer,
A leaf that shaded my head
Against the intensity of distant Fire,
Distilling Water into clouds,
Blessing our Earth with rainwater,
Charging the roaring waterfalls,
And scattering lightning across roiling skies
In a process unbroken since Gaia was a child,
Four billion years back,
When Zeta was four billion years old,
Peering out at our infant sun so far away,
Wondering if...
They were Alone...
In the Oneness...
Of All That Is.

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