You Are the Gifted One 02.02.06

You Are One with the Earth


Poem to the Earth

You are the grains of sand kissed by the ocean waves on the beach.
You are the stars, sparkling like diamonds upon the black velvet sky.
You are the wind beneath the wings of the great eagle as it flies.
You are the rays of the sun as it warms the earth,
And kisses the face of the snow covered mountains.
You are the Gifted One.
You are the birds, the trees, the flowers,
the animals and the fish in the sea.
You are the cotton candy clouds floating in the blue sky.
You are the lightning, the thunder, the rain, the snow.
You are your brothers keeper, because you are your brother.
You are One with all there is you see.
For you are the gifted One.
In this dream called "life."

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