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How To Manifest the 5th World


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To use our full power of intentional manifestation, we need to really feel what the 5th World would be like. Here are some thoughts to guide your imaginings in a positive direction, towards the future that we know is coming.

The Earth Proclamation

We are One people...

We share One planet...

We have One common dream...

We want to live in peace...

We choose to protect and heal the Earth...

We decide to create a better world for all...

We will do our best to make that dream come true...

We will change what needs to be changed...

We will learn to love, share and forgive...

We are One people...

We want to live, and we will.

How to Manifest a Better World

One of the key ingredients in successfully directing the tide of history towards the brighter future we are destined to experience is the power of faith in our own ability to transcend the illusory limitations of a fading era, nurtured by the emerging awareness of our true divine nature as sons and daughters of the One Creator who brought All That Is into existence.

Being aware that through the combined power of our unifying radiance we are co-creating the reality corresponding to our true divine nature, we will ceaselessly strive to accomplish what we came here to be, for the Highest Good of All.

Acting in concert as soul fragments of the Immortal Being of Love, sensing the vibrant Life Force connecting us all, and radiating as One, we know we have the Power to precipitate the manifestation of a better Earth.

Imagine a Better World Like This.

Imagine for a moment that we are several years in the future and the Earth and all her inhabitants have profoundly changed. What seemed impossible and totally utopian in the eyes of many has actually come to pass. Imagine that a new existence, devoid of any of the perils and torments of the past, is now possible for all souls dwelling on this better world, what the ancient Hopis called the 5th World.

Imagine a world in which every human being is accepted as a fully fledged member of our wonderfully diverse human family, a world where no one goes hungry or lacks a warm place to sleep at night, where every one has what is essential for a fulfilling, happy life, a world where no one must work more than a few days a week to live a good life, where people have ample time to raise their own children and there is enough time in each day to be creative, to participate in community activities, and to continue learning, a world where most individuals know more than one language.

Imagine a world where neighbors know each other by their first names and cooperate together in all things, where women are treated as truly equal human beings, where every child is well cared for and none is in dire poverty, where every child is wanted, where no one has children as insurance against old age, and where the world population is declining towards a sustainable level.

Imagine a world where the level of love and harmony between all humans and with all of nature is simply astounding, a world where no one must do anything detrimental to the vital commons on which all life depends, where the environment gets top priority over corporate profits, where ancient trees are never clear cut, and where verdant forestlands are steadily increasing instead of deserts.

Imagine a world where the kindness and compassion that every single soul experiences is simply awe-inspiring, a world where no one dominates or takes advantage of others, a world where racism and discrimination are spoken of as ancient history, a world where we all are passionate about helping others, passionate about experiencing all the wonders of Life, and passionate about being the best possible expression of the profound wisdom and light that emanates from our souls.

Imagine a world where people talk to each other with intelligence and understanding, not with degrading simplicity or arrogance, where the news media gives us truth and several differing opinions, so we can make up our own minds, a world where news broadcasts contain more information than entertainment and commercials, a world where the media lives up to its potential as an amplifier of good news and essential information.

Imagine a world free from all violence against humans and Nature, a world where people safely walk their streets after dark, a planet on which only peaceful behavior and benevolence towards others is possible because of the heightened atmosphere of compassion, love and blissful unity that permeates all living souls embodied for experiencing true heaven on Earth.

Imagine a world without war, where all weapons of mass destruction have been dismantled so no one can use them to bully others, a world where all land mines have been retrieved and destroyed by the countries that placed them, a world where assault rifles rust from lack of use, where weapons manufacturers go bankrupt and gun-control laws are obsolete, a world where children do not know the word "hate," where defense departments have become search-and-rescue squads assisting those affected by natural disasters, instead of man-made wars.

Imagine a world where honestly elected leaders carefully consider all the peoples' interests, not just the interests of those who sit beside them, not just persons like themselves, not just the bottom lines of heartless corporations, and not just those who are alive, but also all those yet to be born in the future of this sustainable planet, a world where even average people can run for office and want to.

Imagine a world where renewable sources provide sustainable energy, where nuclear power and coal have been replaced by generators using solar, wind, tidal and wave power, where no one needs to fight over oil, where internal-combustion engines have been replaced with zero-emission vehicles, and public transportation is widely used everywhere.

Imagine a world where recycling is not only a way of life, but virgin materials are considered sacred and are kept prohibitively expensive, a world where "disposable" is an archaic word, a world where most of our food is grown locally by organic farmers who are proud of the essential service they provide, a world where priceless things have value, and where people vote with their actions, choosing to pay the true price of what they consume, so that their grandchildren's grandchildren will have a world to live in, a world where people choose to live simply, so that others may simply live.


Imagine how you feel, living in such a pristine, vibrant environment, knowing that love, peace and harmony prevail, sensing your oneness with all your brothers and sisters, viewing in their eyes the sparkling expression of the living, radiant soul that each of us is.

Allow this feeling of sheer happiness to grow in your heart and embrace your entire being. Let ecstasy tingle in every one of your cells. Let love shine through you and know that what you are feeling now is absolutely real.

Now, enable the sense of oneness pervading your soul to expand and encompass every other form of life on this planet and throughout the universe. Know that you are a great, magnificent being of love, and now rest in that place of sublime, blissful universal awareness of oneness with All That Is.

You have arrived. Let it be. And, as you are blissfully aware of this brilliant future that, by virtue of your contemplation of its existence, is now manifesting, you co-create, and will continue to co-create, by the very essence of your radiant presence, all that is soon to be fully manifest, for the highest good of all. This is our future. It is beautiful, and it is in our hands.

Thank you for being an essential part of this manifestation process.


inspired by Jean Hudon and Patricia Cota-Robles.

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