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Only Another Day

Sharon Pacione


in honor of the day

Barack and Michelle Obama

Inauguration Poem

January 20, 2009 is only another day

unless we remember the blood, sweat and tears of history, and not just that written by the victors

unless we remember that no one has come to save us that unrest has only settled down, not disappeared

unless we remember that we are all participants in our problems and solutions,

unless we remember that contentment feeds on addictions, that a mind cracked open is not the same as a mind on crack

unless we remember that rose petals sprinkled on an outhouse covers the odor for only so long

unless we remember that earth is a living being and all lifeforms are powerful, sacred teachers

unless we remember to trust our intuition, to question authority and our personal intentions

unless we inhale love and exhale compassion as world citizens in service to our communities and beyond

unless we remember that we all breathe the same air, watch the same sunrise and sunset, creating a collective palette of voices by our choices

unless we remember to choose wisely, for two outcomes sit on the horizon: "illusionary change" born of selfishness and apathy and "becoming the change" born of responsibility and courage

let us tap imagination and dream bigger than we ever thought possible in our vision quest of peace and justice for all

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