Kid Meteor 4/6/7

A Memorial Poem to the Unexpected Passing of a Brilliant Young Man

Brian Crissey

Kevin died 4/6/7 of undiagnosed ARVD (Arrthymic Right-Ventricular Dysplasia).

Kid Meteor

What to do now…
With soiled blue jeans
Soaking in a mud sink,
Dirty knees remembering
Yesterday in the country --
sleepy faces on tall trees,
gold-painted leaves and stones,
a bridge rebuilt over a creek,
where salamanders hide under rocks?

What to do now…
With damp dirty sneakers
Underfoot in the mud room
With cast-off gym socks
Redolent of mountain creek water
And yesterday's hide-and-go-seek
In a spring-flower meadow,
Around a roaring campfire,
In the full-moon brightness,
With a favorite cousin and aunt?

Shall we wash the blue jeans
For The Boy's return,
Before or after the funeral?

Shall we dry the sneakers
For a trek up the mountain tomorrow,
Or has that been cancelled,
Along with everything else
Of importance
In our lives?

What to do now…
With a confused younger sister
Who cries for her brother?
Who speaks of his returning someday in Mommy's tummy?
Tell her fibs to spare her grief?
Or pretend that everything is OK,
Just like yesterday?

What to do now…
With Nintendos and Gameboys
Sitting silently in an unoccupied room,
With presents laid away in grandparents' closets,
With ambitious plans for The Boy's golden future,
And with knocks on the door
That seek The Boy
Who no longer comes out to play?

What to do now…
That yesterday is gone,
Today is our worst nightmare,
And dark tomorrows stretch endlessly into the future?

What to do now…
With the trusted Divine Order
That lies shattered at our feet?

What to do now…
With that vital spark of sacred life
That now lies cold and gray on the earth?

What to do now…
With our undying love
For The Laughing Boy
Who is now strangely quiet?

The Boy,
Who took life by the horns,
Who wrestled every challenge into submission,
Who would not be defeated,
Who lived every moment
As if it were his last,
Until the moment
When it was.

The Boy,
Who tore across
The dark skies of our lives
Like a brilliant meteor.

The Boy,
Who flashed into view
And then was…

The Boy,
Who was a genuine gift from God…

The Boy,
Who loved everyone he met,
Even those who scorned him
As being different…

The Boy,
Who spoke God's undying love
With his short life.

What to do now
With our memories of…
The Boy?

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