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Who We Are

Nisara Chamboon

Why we are here.

Lightworker As Lightworkers, our work –our very life- is an act of Love – for ourselves and others.

We are here to help those who are ready to make the Shift, a decision we made out of Love for the Earth and humanity – it is our contract for this life.

Most of us have had to suffer – and overcome – horrendous trials to get to this point in time and know what we are here to do and why.

It is these trials that made us dig deep to find the strength and courage to face and overcome them, that have shaped us and helped us to transmute the negative energies we’ve encountered into Light and an awareness of who we really are – Spirit.

Being a Lightworker means being aware of walking in the physical and spiritual dimensions at the same time and our challenge is to bring this awareness to humanity.

Our strength and courage is now being called upon to do the work we are here to do, with support from Spirit or Source – with Love.

This is what attracts others to us.

We are like a magnet to those who are ready to ‘jump or shift’, so let’s shine the Light of Love all over this Earth and show humanity the way through their trials!



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