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Four Considerations As We Transition into a Better World

Zeta Intelligence, Through Wendi Powers

Accept responsibility for your actions. Forgive. Fill the space cleared with the kind of wise and love-based choices which help to build our transformed Fifth World society.


The other thing Zeta asked me to share was how to make it through the challenging times we are in right now as we move into the 5th World.

1)  Accept Responsibility for all past actions and wrong doings.  This is the time to come clean with all things.  It is a time of cleansing.  By doing this, we will open our energy to be ready for the new that will come in.

2)  Forgive.  If others ask for forgiveness in this time, offer it totally.  If someone has done wrong to you, forgive them even if they do not ask for it.  This also clears the energy for the new.

3)  Space made by all clearing will need to be filled with care.  Be selective of the new energy.  This is our chance to grow and develop according to our desires.  The slate will be clean.  The new painting and new Earth will be our personal choice.   The Star Beings hope we will be wise and create the new with love.

4)  For those who are going through unemployment situations, Zeta recommend that the time now "free" is not entirely spent looking for another job.  They said to spend only 50% of the time with that.  They recommend that the other 50% be split into 25% of time being spent in service to others such as doing volunteer work in the community and 25% working on the inner self -- such as spiritual development.

  In service to Light,

Wendi Powers

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