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Zeta Guide Maris Speaks on Fear, Freewill, and Responsibility


Do not seek out negativity or fear or buy into them. Break the cycle. Choose positivity.

You, as humans, create your own reality, and must take responsibility for what occurs on your planet, including the leaders who come to power. No soul is evil, no matter how they may appear to your human perception – all souls come from God. When a person commits what is seen as an evil act, the energy that motivates that act is Fear. Every negative act carried out is born out of fear, which is the opposite to love.

It is most important for you to consciously understand this, for such negativity cannot be overcome by directing more negativity in the way of anger and outrage towards such a soul. Fear can only be neutralised through unconditional love. Love is the only antidote. This is not to say that you must condone an act of evil, but feeding it with more negative thoughts and emotion is not the way to go either. This is the meaning behind the words spoken by Jesus in regard to “loving your enemy”. As a higher evolved soul come to Earth as a teacher, Jesus clearly understood how energy works – how fear must always be neutralised by pure unconditional love.

As a level 1 planet, much of life on Earth is dominated by fear. Those planetary leaders whom you perceive as negative, hateful or evil have been placed in their position of authority by energy directed by the people. If people are caught up in fear, then their leaders will be motivated by fear. This applies whether the leader has been freely elected, or their position has been acquired by other more devious means. As human beings, you continually create your OWN planetary reality by the unconscious energy of your thoughts.

If you really cannot bring yourself to direct the energy of love towards such an individual, then at least practice non-attachment so that you don’t become caught up in emotion. DO NOT EVER ACTIVELY SEEK OUT NEGATIVITY. Many people do this in order to “maintain the rage”, but this will not help anybody or your planet. All you are doing is feeding the flame of negativity. We are not saying turn your back and be complacent. What we are saying is, DO NOT BUY INTO THE EMOTION OF NEGATIVITY AND FEAR. Seek out that which is positive and healing, both for yourself and those around you. When the “critical mass” of people on Earth learn to do this, your world will be a much better and happier place; but remember, this new mind-set begins on an individual basis and as a freewill choice with each and every one of you.


Choosing to tap into positivity rather than negativity is an active and sometimes difficult choice, and something that needs to be worked on with every ounce of your being. Many humans do not understand this. They approach life in a passive way, and eventually become overwhelmed by the waves of negativity that are always present on a level 1 planet such as Earth, ready to wash over and drown you if you allow it. For many this negativity becomes a natural way of life, affecting those around them, attracting other like-minded folk to them, drawing even more negative energy into the aura and tainting everything they undertake in their daily life. It becomes a habit, and so much a part of them that they get to a point where they know no other way.

Choosing positivity can be quite a battle at first. It is not passive but rather an active application of willpower. It is a matter of taking one step at a time, focusing on the present moment and experiencing and acknowledging gratitude for what you do have rather than dwelling upon what you lack. It is also a matter of focusing on others rather than always on self, and simplifying your life so you are not overwhelmed by the complexity and confusion that takes up so much valuable time and energy, stopping you from enjoying the simple pleasures of life.

Energy is drawn to where mind/awareness directs it, so if the mind dwells on negativity – failure, fear, guilt and worries – that is precisely where the energy goes. Negative thought patterns are passive and draining, so the energy is siphoned off into nothingness, and nothing will be achieved. On the other hand, when energy is directed into positive and loving thought patterns it is activated and strengthened, enabling much to be accomplished.

Negativity is complacent and submissive, like a jellyfish being washed to and fro by the tide, with no self-motivated will to move. It is static and non-productive. Positivity must be actively chosen. YOU MUST CHOOSE TO OPEN THE DOOR AND INVITE GOD TO ENTER. This is an INDIVIDUAL FREEWILL CHOICE.

If you find yourself being overwhelmed by negative astral thought forms, voices or visions, simply tell them to go away, and if possible direct your mind to grounded physical activity. No one, not even a supposed spiritual guide, has the right to impose upon your privacy or interfere with your life. The astral plane is illusion, dreams and emotion, and is often used as an escape for those unwilling to face up to the necessary learning opportunities and responsibilities of life. Keep in mind that it is illusion, so do not dwell upon it or allow yourself to get too caught up in it. Take responsibility for your OWN decisions and choices in life.


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