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Higher Guides Suggest We Find Our Inner Wisdom and Share Our Thruth with Others

Helene Kaye and her Assistant Angels

The meaning of Christmas is about counting your blessings and giving thanks to your guides and messengers. Jesus represents your guide on Earth who was sent from above.

Teachings and guidance come to you in many ways. There are not only a lot of angels here to help you but also many Ďangel assistantsí, who come in many forms. They are visiting Earth right now to help you through your important shift of consciousness, which is being raised to a higher vibrational frequency.

During your Christmas celebrations, allow yourself to open up your heart, show gratitude and love to all, and also to self. Rejoice in your spirit and in your connection to others. This can be a wonderful time for healing, learning patience, detachment, non-judgement, acceptance and sharing your love with all beings, human and spiritual.

Jesus was sent here to Earth to create a new path for you to discover, to learn to heal and to love. Open your arms and hearts to receive love and to share your love with all those around you.

The meaning of Jesus and Christmas is finding your inner wisdom and sharing your truth with others. It is time to heal your inner child, through song, dance and laughter, learning to give and receive, learning to love and connect with your family and your extended family (all beings) in harmony and oneness.

May the Love of Source and Oneness shine through each and every one of you!

With Love and Blessings

Helene and Her Assistant Angels

(Cheers to All!)

Helene Kaye is co-author of the forthcoming nonfiction work, The Zeta Message, with Judy Carroll.

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