A World Without Fear 08.03.12 Search

What the world will be like when fear is removed...

Carlos Santana

Carlos and Cindy Santana, friends of the 5th World,
with help from friends

What will the world be without FEAR ?

When there is no fear...
There WILL BE only one flag, as all countries and nationalities WILL live as One, without war, in enduring peace.
There WILL BE no hatred, only good will and kindness for all.
There WILL BE freedom.
There WILL BE vibrant wellness.
There WILL BE no separation from your own light.
There WILL BE wondrous creativity.
There WILL BE abundance for all, with no lack of anything.
There WILL BE visible rainbow angels everywhere.
All people WILL BE happy and at peace.
There WILL BE deep gratitude for the gifts of spirit, of life, of LOVE.


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