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A Request for Information From the Universal Akashic Records

Archangel Michael via Carlyn Evers

Barack Obama seems to be an old soul new to Earth, with ET backing. He is on track to be president unless the effort is derailed by manipulation and deceit as happened recently in U.S. presidnetial elections.

ObamaHow has Barack Obama's past lifetime experiences prepared him for the opportunity to be the president of the U.S. and how prepared is he from his current experiences?

From the Akashic Records . . .

We have opened the records and can give you information only with regards to the public position he has taken as a public candidate in this election. Other information pertaining to this individual must be kept private as he is not the one who has asked for this information. That being said, we believe that we will be able to give you enough of the information that you require to make a suitable choice in the up coming election.

This soul is rather new to the circling experiences of this planet. He has come from another planet and has little experience on the Earth plane. He was sent here to be one who would change the evolution of the political scene.

We see the possibility of his being elected as President, whereby he will be supported by those from his home planet who will work very diligently to bring forth the equal playing field of peace and prosperity for the world view of equality [The 5th World].

He will be a hardworking soul for peace and cooperation as these are his two goals for this lifetime. What he says will be direct, and if one stops to weigh his words, they will be easy to understand without the subterfuge of deceit.

We will give further information at a later date if requested.

We see the greatest barrier to his being elected coming from outside interference as the results of the vote being skewed or changed. There is a real possibility of this race being stolen as in the previous election by malfunctioning voting machines. Many are aware that results are being changed from the original intent of the voters, and this has already happened in the earlier state votes.


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