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The New Dawn

The Road to Q'eros: Messages from the Andes


Pachakuti: cosmic transformation or world reversal. a time to find yourself. a new beginning. a new era in the fabric of time. The Andean people believe we are now in the opening of a new Pachakuti and that this time heralds in a time of balance between the mind and the heart.. the masculine and the feminine. 


Our task must be to free ourselves from (the delusion of separation) by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty.. we shall require a substantiallynew manner of thinking if mankind is to survive. --Albert Einstein. 

"Experiencing a Pachakuti completely dismantles the paradigm of the self, creating empty space for the authentic self to emerge. this process often draws people toward a path of service and new found devotion to life. We have chosen to be here now, during this time. it is fantastic, a chance to say YES to life, like no other. Here is a method. First, individually we begin this unravelling process and clearing our disfunctional beliefs and heavy energy and when enough of us have begun this process "the awareness attained ultimately spreads to become a global, universally understood paradigm." --Matthew Magee, Peruvian Shamanism. 

Begin with your self. Begin with your own heart and heavy baggage.. Let it go.. Imagine water running over you and through you clearing you and cleansing you of heavy energy... Now there is space for the light. 

And realize that simply by doing this, all of us individually and in our own private way, we are creating a MOVEMENT. 
And this movement will become finally an understood way of living by all. 

A peaceful and abundant world for everyone. 
This is possible and it begins right here. in your own heart. 

This is the illumined doorway. 

Today as Ii face the sun Ii begin to see the illumined doorways opening for me. 
All My Love and NO Fear, I greet the day. 

Let's do it! It is actually possible to change the world.. one heart at a time. 

Deepest munay from my own wide open heart to yours!!! 

Good Morning!!


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