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Listen. Observe. Learn.

Yuroc of the 5th World


The Sandy Face of Change

Harm without malice,
Sandy is like you and me,
With a name, a story and a purpose.

She flattens Jamaican shanties,
Drifting by the foot in Snowshoe,
And flooding tunnels with hot and cold running water.

She rakes corn fields in Iowa,
Making feather dusters of Carolina oaks,
And dropping the flag on those whose expiration date has passed.

She breaches breakwaters,
Moving sandy dunes to let the ocean surge,
And clearing traffic and noise from Times Square.

She closes bridges and freeways,
Turning lights out and phones off,
And making Ground Zero a reflection pool.

She dismisses elections and markets,
Making those with cell-based identities
Wonder who they really are today.

Bigger than Alaska,
She touches everyone,
This storm of the century.

She has a job
And she does it:
She gets our attention.

To those who can hear,
She whispers in the virgin silence,
"Listen. Observe. Learn."

I top off the oil in the generator and replace its plug.
I split and stack old solar energy,
Manifest in tree bones,

Not to battle Mother Earth,
Which is foolish,

But as Common Sense
In Uncommon Times,
Which is wise.

Source: original

Common Sense second edition, forthcoming November, 2012

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