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Hold a Drop of Infinity in Your Hand...

Caroline Way

A meditation to instill your intent into the waters of the Earth

Place a drop of water in the palm of your hand.

drop of water

The drop that you hold in your hand

Is part of the water which was the cradle of all life

On this planet Aeons ago,

The first rain that splashed down on the hot earth

To form the first sea.

Each drop, in sunlight

Has risen from the sea in countless ages

And fallen to the earth again

As rain.

The drop that you hold in your hand

Has been a prism forming myriad rainbows,

Has travelled underground streams

Bubbling through dark caverns,

The architect of cathedral caves,

Formed valleys

And split granite.

The drop that you hold in your hand

Has flowed down broad rivers,

Has risen in the sap of trees,

Has been the sweat of slaves ,

And the tears of children.

It has become the foam-topped waves

And deep unfathomable depths

Of vast dark lakes

And seas.

The drop that you hold in your hand

Has been part of the great flood.

It has been a dewdrop on a blade of grass,

A drop that has been pounded

Through the hearts of whales in blood,

And lain in an eagle's egg.

It has travelled in the fluid of a poet's brain

And dripped from the wounds of the dying.

The drop that you hold in your hand

Has been trapped in the snows of the Arctic,

Reflected the sun in desert oasis,

And refreshed the weary.

This drop,

Unimaginably old,

Yet fresh and New,

Is evaporating slowly from your hand

To mingle with the air you breathe, perhaps,

Or drift in a sun-topped cloud

A thousand feet above the earth.

Imagine its journey from your hand

Where will it go?

You can direct its journey

As it evaporates.

Send your consciousness with it.

It is the water of life.

It is still water.

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