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An "Abductee" Speaks Out About "Abductions," Technology, Rogue Elements, Slavery, and Judgment

Clifford Stone, retired U.S. Army

Clifford Stone

What you need to know about our visitors.

The advanced Extraterrestrial Civilizations that are visiting this planet are not evil, demons or devils. Either you grow spiritually with advanced technologies or you fall victim to that technology.

With this being said, there exist rogue elements within these civilizations just as we here on Earth have trouble with rogue elements. These rogue elements have their own selfish agendas, just as those rogue elements here on Earth have.

Does the fact that we have rogue elements here on Earth make all the inhabitants of our planet bad and evil? Of course it doesn’t. Does the fact that the advanced ET Civilizations visiting our planet have many of the same social problems (e.g., rogue elements) that must face here on Earth bad and evil? Once again, it doesn’t.

We were always warned that not all contact would be of a friendly nature because of the rogue elements. They have access to the technologies of their own civilization just as the rogue elements here on this planet have access to our technologies. The Cartels and Mafias do not manufacture their own vehicles, guns and ammunitions. They are readily available for purchase in most countries of the world and many times, these organizations steal what they need or want in order to achieve their goals or agendas.

It works the same way with the advanced ET Civilizations visiting Earth. We have laws and law-enforcement agencies that protect us, and our visitors have similar law enforcement within their civilizations, not only protecting them but our world also. We overlook the stories of friendly ETs coming to the aid of some "abductees." Most find their stories sound so craz that they will not talk about their experiences, even to their family members and friends. I have had two such experiences, and I try not to talk of them.

With this being said, there are those "abductions" that are being carried out by our friendly ETs, and they take added precautions to insure that no harm comes to the individual. Betty Hill is a good example. She was very afraid, and one of the ETs kept trying to reassure her that neither she nor her husband would come to any harm and would soon be returned. She saw a book on a “table” close to her, and she asked for the book, that she might take it with her to prove this event really happened. The ET that befriended her told her that she could have the book. However, the ETs that seemed to be charge said she could not have the book, as they were to no memory of the process.

In today’s world (on Planet Earth) more than 27 million people live in slavery, being brought, sold and traded daily. In the United States alone, according to our best law-enforcement estimates, more than 2,000 men, women and children annually are illegally brought into the country and forced into some form of involuntary servitude. We call this crime Human Trafficking, and it is a crime in most countries. Three out of four runaway children who go missing for more than two weeks, will fall victim to some form of human trafficking. In Mexico, more than 200 men, women and children are murdered weekly in that country’s fight to stop the illegal flow of drugs and guns. In many other nations around the world greedy men fight for control of their nations, killing many more tens of thousands of innocent men, women and children.

I could go on and on, but what would be the point? During the Cold War the nations that had nuclear weapons conducted open-air testing of nuclear weapons in total disregard of the effects of the radioactive fallout and the extent of the area it might cover. We now know that the fallout from these tests covered the entire planet, and even now we are not sure of the effects it had on the world population. How many of us could understand if our visitors were to tell us that this testing has had a long-term effect on all living things on this planet and a damning effect upon our climate?

When I first started having my experiences, I was very much afraid. I begged my mother and father to take me to see a doctor, as he could surely made the “monsters” go away. As I grew to accept what was going on in my life, knowing there was nothing I could do to change it, I started asking questions of the visitors I was having the interaction with. To my surprise, they made every effort to explain why me, what was going on, why they felt it was necessary to do what they were doing and what they hoped the outcome would be, realizing that the outcome greatly depends upon our making the right decisions in future events.

If I thought for one second that our visitors were hostile or meant us harm, none of you would know of me or would have ever heard my story, as I would be working closely with my government to help find effective countermeasures and overcome any threat that might be posed by the presence of our visitors. If our visitors were bent on taking us over, with their technology, they could take us over in a day. They could do this simply and quickly, without the need or aid of anyone or any group of powerful, greedy people from this planet.

The greater threat lies within the many nations of our planet Earth seeding this mind-control technology for use on all humanity.

If you should find yourself becoming a “victim” of "abductions," might I suggest that next time you ask questions of your abductors. You might be surprised at their responses.

I thought long and hard about writing this, as it involves a dialog I never wished to become involved in. However, now may be the right time to say something of this, as so many of you have questions. It is my prayer that now is the time and that I am doing the right thing by placing this post.
Here is wisdom; let those who have understanding read and know the truth.

Source: Clifford Stone Facebook post

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