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A Zeta Teacher Talks to a Child About Harry Potter

Judy Carroll

Throughout my many years of ongoing contact with the Zetas, many, many wonderful teachings have been given, some only a line or two in length and some up to several pages. Kira, a principal character in this series of books, is a great fan of the Harry Potter series, and found a number of parallels in the story with life up on the disc with the Zetas, which she once pointed out to Oris, a Zeta Teacher. Not being much of a reader, she asked him if she’d been led to the Harry Potter books in order to help her remember her time “Upstairs.” He answered her through a channeled message given to me on May 11, 2002:

Dumbldore Potter

My dear Kira, the information you have been given through the Harry Potter books is certainly to assist your memory, both of the time you spend with us, and also of the magical creatures of other levels of reality. These are the outer teachings, but now I want you to look more deeply to the inner teachings, for these are lessons you have come here to learn in the present life.

These teachings have been brought to Earth as a way of reaching the young people of this planet; to try to teach them spiritual values as a counter to the greed, selfishness and materialism that so many down here are caught up in. These very special spiritual values of compassion, kindness, humility, honor and rsespect for all, are embodied in both Harry and his headmaster, Professor Dumbledore.

Here we have two of the most powerful people in the world of magic — one an old man who has fully mastered the most incredible power and knowledge, and the other a young boy who is also in possession of extraordinary gifts, even though he still does not quite realize the potential of what he has. However, what truly marks them as masters is not so much these magical powers they possess, but rather the humility, kindness and respect they show to all those around them. If fact if you recall from the stories, it is to those “beneath” him, the young ones in his care, that Professor Dumbledore shows the most kindness and respect, rather than to those who are his equals, and Harry follows this example by always showing compassion and kindness to those weaker than himself.

This is the inner message that is meant to be understood through these books, both for you and others. The lesson you have come here to learn in the present life is that it doesn’t matter how powerful, or clever, or gifted, or wealthy, or even how much magical ability you have; or how high up the Human Ladder you are as a Zeta, a Human, an Angel or whatever.

You must always show compassion, kindness, humility and respect towards others around you. This, my dear one, is true spiritual mastery.

This is an excerpt from an extraordinary series of forthcoming books by Judy Carrol and Helene Kaye: The Zeta series. Stay tuned.

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