Tying It All Together 03.07.10 Search

A Creation Video Story

Toni Elizabeth Sarah

Before there was time, before there was space - that which is truly nameless existed. Some call it God; some Source; some All That Is and many, many other names in an attempt to name that which has no name. Yet, that is not the point of our story. Today I am going to tell you a tale of creation - a creation story - how it all began and how it ties together. Let us imagine the nameless consciously existing as light for the purposes of this story. If I am going to weave a yarn, I need threads with which to weave, so let my first thread be light without purpose or goal. And for the purpose of our story, let's give this light a name - let's call it love - not human love with all of its conditions and expectations - but limitless love, absolute love without judgment or form. The light, Love, is aware of itself, consciously aware of itself and its beginninglessness and endlessness. It is aware - only that. Love is aware. In a timeless moment, Love begins to express in form.

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