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A Universal Declaration of Rights of Mother Earth

Judy Carroll

June 13 through July 11 is a window for Planet Earth to Choose a Better Future. Be part of it. Let's work together.

* The 13th June to the 11th July sees a unique planetary alignment where Earth will be sideways to the Sun and a line of 6 other planets, ending in a total eclipse on 11th July. This formation is said to open a window (link). Following the unsuccessful attempts to reach agreement at the Copenhagen Climate Summit, another group of some 35,000 government representatives and other people met in April in Bolivia, at an important gathering where a Universal Declaration of Rights of Mother Earth was drawn in draft.

Additionally, there has been a convincing suggestion made that on 17/18th July we, as a collective race, are urged to choose "Unity Consciousness" over our old divisive ways (see article by Carl Calleman).

This information tallies closely with a message received back in 2006 from the ETs (see Teaching by Maris - 21-11-2006), that the 6 years leading up to 2013 would be like a watershed. During this timeframe the people of Earth will have to make a conscious, freewill choice between love or fear, oneness or divisiveness, peace or war. Every single one of us must make this choice on a deep, personal level, regardless of what is going on around us, and a critical mass needs to be reached, of those willing to make the right choice for the good of the planet and humanity as a whole. It is our responsibility as Humans and custodians of Planet Earth to do this, and the choice must be made now.

We need to urgently and quickly spread conscious awareness of the Universal Declaration of Rights of Mother Earth, and give people the opportunity to voice their agreement with its essence within this window of time between JUNE 13 and JULY 18, 2010, so that a conscious choice can be made by humanity, to enable us as a planet to move forward in unity thereafter.

All we are calling for is a focused and conscious awareness of this Declaration, and a POSITIVE CHOICE being made by us all on a planetary level. This choosing is URGENTLY required to save the Earth from our self-created destruction. (link).

This Declaration may well be the one and only thing that could have a chance to galvanize Humanity and create an opportunity to reach agreement across continents and ideologies. It must be adopted by the people NOW, lest the moment be missed.

So, come on people of Earth! Make a free-will, conscious choosing and a commitment to focus your hearts, minds and willpower for the good of our Mother Earth. We are proposing three dates on which to focus and concentrate our thoughts and energy on choosing love over fear.

13th June - the number 13 symbolises Transformation, which is what we are trying to bring about on a planetary level

21st June - Winter/Summer Solstice, symbolic of birth and renewal at the darkest hour - Sun, Light, Rejuvenation.

Culminating on 11th July as UNIVERSAL EARTH RIGHTS DECLARATION DAY - the day of the total eclipse which will serve to open the Window of Opportunity.

June 13 and July 11 and 18 happen to fall on Sundays, so how about the World Christian Community getting together with some Prayer Power for world peace on those three days? Let's cross all religious, national and cultural barriers as a planetary people united in Oneness.

Think UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS - be at one with ALL LIFE and ACT IN ACCORDANCE with that! This Declaration, as an expression of Unity, can serve as an important focus for all of us right now. We just need to consciously acknowledge our choice for it. Meditate on it; send Reiki/Healing to it; pray for it and THINK about it!

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