Building the New Paradigm of the 5th World 5th the 4 Directions of the Ancient Traditions...

About the 5th World…  

Wise ancient peoples, such as the Mayans and Hopis, have long foretold the coming of a better world where peace, love, fairness, and environmental sustainability rule.

They called this reconfiguration The 5th World, and they say it will be undeniable by late 2012.

This website chronicles our planet's transition from the currently failing 4th World to this better world.

And we feature a variety of books and other products that enlighten and educate you and assist in your personal transformation to the heightened energy state that will be necessary for living in the 5th World.




A paradigm is a set of interlocking ideas that only make sense when taken together. The shift from one paradigm to another is always traumatic, as changes in understanding must occur up and down the line almost at once. This New Paradigm is being built for the Great Shift that is surely coming. Additions are made periodically to four critical areas:
Knowledge, where significant understandings are posted concerning what has been going on in our world;
Wisdom, where useful wisdom from esoteric and traditional sources is shared to guide us into the future;
Milestones, where we record the signposts that we pass on our way to the emerging 5th World; and
Expectations, where we put down, for the record, what various far-sighted persons are saying about what is coming.

Three additional areas have been added for 2008:

New History, where we begin to document the required rewriting of the history that we have been given by the victors of past wars. It wasn't quite loike that. We are of Cosmic origins, and our history is totally different from what you may have been loed to believe.

Thought, where we present our takes on current issues, from the perspective of our inevitable transition into the 5th World.

Humor, which is a required element of the 5th World, for without it, this whole transition thing can begin to look pretty grim. What are we saying, that everything we thought we knew is obsolete and that our Earth is hurtling down a steep road without brakes towards a bridge that's out? Yeah, that's kind of it. Sorry. We offer swimming lessons.

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