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New Releases and Catalog Cosmic Energy Essences

Wild Flower Press
Documenting the Unexpected

We voice the knowledge of the “shamans of the New Age,” people who experience extraordinary events while living ordinary lives. Their messages are profound, and their lessons for us are many. We integrate new knowledge into our current reality, thus building a new paradigm for a sustainable
world of peace and harmony.

Swan-Raven & Co.
Applying Ancient Wisdom
Wisdom of the ancient cultures who never lost touch with the True Laws of Nature and the invisible worlds of other dimensions.
Human survival requires that we listen to this wisdom as we forge new ways of interacting
with Mother Earth.

Over 10,000 crop circles have been discovered in 26 countries on our planet. And each has its own gift for us—a unique energy signature.

We have captured both the messages and energies of over 135 energetic crop circles,which can change your life and help the world.


The Story We Share and the Path Forward From Here

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