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A new world has been birthed!

demoAccording to Patricia Cota-Robles and many other elevated spiritual teachers, a significant lift in global energies occurred around 12/21/12, the Great Shift.This outcome was consisten with the intentions of heart-centered people in 20 nations that used swirling water to help manifest a bteer world. Check it out here.

Updated: June 28, 2013


The Swirling Water Campaign Launches

The 5th World Fund continues itglobal transmutation effort to manifest the 5th World through the creation and global distribution of water instilled with our best ideas for a better future. See the details in the 5th World Journal.

Updated: Sept. 7, 2012


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Updated: April 24, 2012

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The Kaleidoscope

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99¢ of poetry in eBook form!
Why not?

"Dream of Atlantis"
As if it were a dream, I saw Atlantis rising from the depths of the turquoise sea.
This troubling mystery was in the distance,
For only my eyes could thus see it unfolding itself before me...

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