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From Wild Flower Press...

Nature of Reality

In "The Nature of Reality," Aingeal Rose O'Grady continues her Honest-To-God series by answering our most pressing questions about the workings of the universe and our purpose in it.

This time she probes the Akashic Records to give us in-depth information on time and dimensions, the nature of God/Creator, what miracles are all about, what you should know about Twin Flames and Soul Mates, and how to explore the most important thing -- love.

Aingeal Rose's unique ability to access the Akashic Records has opened the door to startling new information about our lives and our world and reveals a much bigger plan for humanity and the Earth than any of us previously thought.

Aingeal Rose O'Grady
From Granite publishing...
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Common Sense in Uncommon Times

Pam and Brian Crissey

Click the picture above to read the article on Common Sense in Uncommon Times in Om Times Magazine.

The world is changing, and your life has changed, wherever you live, and whether you approve or not. You are being affected. Your normal routines can now be interrupted at any time. There are no guarantees of stability or safety, so you need to be prepared, for your sake and for your loved ones. There are new threats and new responses.

We now face global climate weirding and new challenges, as well as natural disasters. We are no longer insulated from the chaos of the world. Each of these new possibilities must be understood and prepared for. There is hope, however, in this newly updated second edition of a classic book.

This easy-to-use and authoritative reference has been updated with information on climate change, Katrina, Fukushima, and Frankenstorm Sandy. It tells you what to do, when, and how. What are the four basic emergency situations you may find yourself in today? What are the seven essential life-support components that you must consider? What should you carry in your Pocket Set whenever you go out? How do you make a safe and orderly getaway? What should you have in your Go Pack, and where should you keep it? When you are caught in your home for a week or more, without utilities, what should you have in your Home Stash? How much do you need? What should you take with you in your Portable Stash when you have to evacuate immediately? How do we form virtual communities to help each other in this new and unpredictable age? The answers are here.

From Swan-Raven & Co...

Time of Change

So We're Still Here, Now What? takes you beyond the end of the Mayan calendar and into the newly arrived Quantum Epoch, helping you rearrange your life so you can shift more easily with the ongoing changes that lie ahead.

This beautiful book delves deeply into the hidden principles behind effective shamanic practices that were used long ago to steward people through times of change, and it teaches you how to use these principles to navigate through today's disruptions.

You learn how to be supported by the laws of nature and the universe and how to uncover the true power of your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.

The concepts Wiyaka offers have been field tested in her 30 years of private practice as a shamanic practitioner. This is a solid reference volume that belongs in every serious seeker's private collection.

Gwilda Wiyaka

First Runner-Up!

2014 Seventeenth Annual COVR Awards
Coalition of Visionary Resources
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Denver, Colorado 80250

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Angel Light

The Prison Light Project

A $20 501(c)(3) tax-deductible donation

sends a copy of this inspiring book to a prisoner
who is seeking light in the darkness,
and also sends a copy to you.

Lamar Yancey is on death row in Alabama,
yet he has been receiving holy visitors--

Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, her daughter Trinity
and others.

Do not miss this opportunity to help.

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Zeta Message
Voyagers II
Brith to Rebirth

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The Kaleidoscope

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"Dream of Atlantis"
As if it were a dream, I saw Atlantis rising from the depths of the turquoise sea.
This troubling mystery was in the distance,
For only my eyes could thus see it unfolding itself before me...






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