Transition Tool Kit Components

As your group of manifestors grows, you will need more components to service the demand. Order more of the components of your Transition Tool Kit here.


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A new world has been birthed!

demoAccording to Patricia Cota-Robles and many other elevated spiritual teachers, a significant lift in global energies occurred around 12/21/12, the Great Shift.This outcome was consisten with the intentions of heart-centered people in 20 nations that used swirling water to help manifest a bteer world. Check it out here.

Updated: June 28, 2013


The Swirling Water Campaign Launches

The 5th World Fund continues itglobal transmutation effort to manifest the 5th World through the creation and global distribution of water instilled with our best ideas for a better future. See the details in the 5th World Journal.

Updated: Sept. 7, 2012


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Updated: April 24, 2012

Components of the Transition Tool Kit

Common Sense $9.00

  • Common Sense in Uncommon Times: Survival Techniques for a Changing World, second edition, by Pamela Meyer Crissey and Brian L. Crissey, Ph.D. Newly updated edition covering the changes that are upon us and how to prepare for them. Particular attention is given to the Earth changes that are now upon us. Includes a new chapter on preparing for the coming paradigm shift, and a new appendix on creating and using personal healing and global healing energized waters.

Steel Water Bottle $5.00

  • Eighteen-ounce Stainless Steel water bottle with the original Global Healing Mandala logo on the side in royal blue on stainless steel background. Perfect for carrying your very special healing swirling energy water with you as you travel or exercise. Great conversation starter; helps you find others who will help us all heal this dear planet.


bottleLabel Set

  •  Cobalt blue glass water bottle with labels, bottles optionally filled with pure mountain spring water, but not yet energized. You will need to draw a group of well-intended people together and energize these bottles of water around the Full or New Moon. Invest your best, most deeply felt and most beautiful images in the water through group process. See Instructions sheet, below. Carry a bottle with you and place drops in streams and other bodies of water, where the waters of the world will remember these "future memories" and make that future more likely. Adhesive peal-off labels included. Order one bottle for each person you expect at a gathering. A $1.00 per bottle handling fee is included for each filled bottle, to allow on-demand filling and capping of the bottles. A $1.00 per bottle surcharge is charged for each larger, 2-ounce bottle.


How To $1.50

  • Full instructions on "How to Create and Use Cosmic Energy Water for Personal and Global Healing."
    You will be able to energize your personal bottle of water and propagate it to additional bottles, creating a lifetime supply for yourself and others. These directions tell you everything you need to know to be able to create swirling energized water into which you can plant your best images of the future and distribute the water into waterways in your area, so as to participate in a global coordinated effort to manifest a better world! 
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Great MandalaGreat Mandala $1.50 each

  • Photo-quality color print of the Great Healing Mandala (8x10)
      • Choose the orientation you like:
        • counterclockwise (original) orientation, associated with feminine energies
        • clockwise orientation, associated with masculine energies
      • These prints form a functional focus point during the group energizing process. Each participant personalizes a label for his/her bottle and places it in the center of this mandala in the middle of the group circle. As the group proceeds to generate powerful torus-based group manifestation energy, water inside the circle will become energized according to the spin direction of the color print, remembering and replicating the positive images of a better future world.

Tote bag $2.00

  • 1 Eco-friendly Shopper Tote Bag, with the Healing Mandala logo in white on royal blue, to carry all your materials together, and to show others how you are preparing for the world transition. Great conversation starter. Biodegradeable, reusable, and hand washable, with 20" handles and an 8" gusset. Made out of 8-gram non-woven coated water resistant polypropylene.
  • .

    Clockwise group $1.00 or more

  • In many nations around the planet, 17 at this writing, well-intentioned people gather around the Full and New Moons to coordinate and amplify their manifestation energies on behalf of a better world. Our plan is to manifest the 5th World of Love, Balance, and Spiritual Strength by investing the waters of the world with deeply felt positive images of a better future. As part of this effort, funds are collected into the 5th World Fund for distribution to people who need a little help being the change they seek in the world, as Gandhi put it. Please donate to the 5th World Fund on a sustaining basis; as little as $1 every two weeks helps a great deal.
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