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A new world has been birthed!

demoAccording to Patricia Cota-Robles and many other elevated spiritual teachers, a significant lift in global energies occurred around 12/21/12, the Great Shift.This outcome was consisten with the intentions of heart-centered people in 20 nations that used swirling water to help manifest a bteer world. Check it out here.

Updated: June 28, 2013


The Swirling Water Campaign Launches

The 5th World Fund continues itglobal transmutation effort to manifest the 5th World through the creation and global distribution of water instilled with our best ideas for a better future. See the details in the 5th World Journal.

Updated: Sept. 7, 2012


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Updated: April 24, 2012

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  1. How do I display the pages on my device?
  2. Why does this site exist?
  3. What is the 5th World?
  4. What is the Hopi prophecy?
  5. What happens on December 21, 2012?
  6. Do the off-planet intelligent civilizations have religions?
  7. What does this site offer?
  8. Who is Granite-Planet.net?
  9. When will events occur?
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How do I display these pages on my device?

  • On the side menu or top menu, select "How" and try the different layouts until you find one that works well for you. Let us know if you need another view.
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Why does this site exist?

  • Earth is currently undergoing an enormous paradigm shift, or change in the way we understand the world and how we interact with each other. Granite-Planet.net is a coalition of like-minded web sites, people like you and far-sighted organizations that provide you with what you will need to navigate these churning waters safely and with style. The change is inevitable. You might as well get prepared and enjoy the ride.
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What is the 5th World?

  • A very long time ago the Hopi Indians of the American southwest carved a great stone that has become known as the Prophecy Stone. It shows that our planet faces a decision point now between two ways of living on Earth—an old, failing way they called the 4th World, and an emerging way, based on love, balance, and spiritual strength, which they called the 5th World. This new World is also cosmically aware of our relatives, the off-planet folks the Native Americans call the Star Nations.
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What is the Hopi Prophecy?

  • The real Hopi prophecy is not to worry. The traditional Hopi prohecy is explained here in our free online e-zine, 5th World Journal, in an article by Frank Waters. The prophecy sets out 9 signs that precede the shift into the 5th World. "And this is the Ninth and Last Sign: You will hear of a dwelling-place in the heavens, above the Earth, that shall fall with a great crash. It will appear as a blue star. Very soon after this, the ceremonies of my people will cease." In 1979 the 75-ton Skylab space station crashed visibly to Earth. On August 24, 2011, the massive NASA UARS satellite also fell from orbit, but it was never occupied.
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What happens on December 21, 2012?

  • This is when most researchers believe the ancient Mayan calendar ends, from which some expect the end of the world as we know it. Not to worry. That is far off the mark, although the world is going through a great paradigm shift. The real Mayan prophecy is not that the world will end, but that humanity will begin to create a world that is good for people. The real message is: "Do not be afraid." December, 2012, is also when the Earth and the solar system pass through the Milky Way's plane of rotation, south pole first, starting a new 5,125-year-long era, or World, in the parlance of the ancient Hopis. In late December, 2012, the rate of change between the failing 4th World and the emerging 5th World will be at its peak.
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Do off-planet intelligent civilizations have religions?

  • Several of our authors have regular communications with off-planet intelligent beings. Based on what they have been consistently told, these civilzations do indeed believe in and respect God, but they say they know little more about God than we do. They see the same God-spark in each of us that is in each of them, and thus they know that we are all One. They describe Jesus and is mother Mary as highly evolved and powerful spirits who incarnated as a humans to help us evolve spiritually. They also know of and respect other high spirits like Buddha who have done this, and still more who have done this on other worlds. They see the Bible as an inspired source of much wisdom and truth, although its checkered history of having been edited by committees of power-seekers makes some of that truth, such as reincarnation, difficult to find.
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What does this site offer?

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Who is Granite-Planet.net?

  • We are a coalition of sincere, well-intentioned individuals and organizations who recognize that our planet is in trouble and needs each of us to help it get through the current mess worldwide and transition into a better world. This better world was long ago prophesied by the ancient Hopi Indians of the American southwest. It is the 5th World, and we are the midwives here to assist in the birthing process. Please join us.
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When will events occur?

  • The world will not end December 21,2012, but you might monitor it, for the official launch date for the 5th World should be interesting. Other less significant events include appearances by our authors on radio and TV programs, or at conferences. Also, at the full and new moons and other special times, many visitors to this site coordinate worldwide in collective planetary healing visualizations organized by the 5th World Fund. All these events are posted regularly on our calendar at this site.
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