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We are a coalition of sincere, well-intentioned individuals and organizations who recognize that our planet is in trouble and needs each of us to help it get through the current mess worldwide and transition into a better world. This better world was long ago prophesied by the ancient Hopi Indians of the American southwest. It is the 5th World, and we are the midwives here to assist in the birthing process. Please join us.


What's New:

A new world has been birthed!

demoAccording to Patricia Cota-Robles and many other elevated spiritual teachers, a significant lift in global energies occurred around 12/21/12, the Great Shift.This outcome was consisten with the intentions of heart-centered people in 20 nations that used swirling water to help manifest a bteer world. Check it out here.

Updated: June 28, 2013


The Swirling Water Campaign Launches

The 5th World Fund continues itglobal transmutation effort to manifest the 5th World through the creation and global distribution of water instilled with our best ideas for a better future. See the details in the 5th World Journal.

Updated: Sept. 7, 2012


5th World Journal

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Updated: April 24, 2012


Team Bio: click images to email

(The Chief): Athena is our Goddess of Wisdom and Strength. She keeps us on course, gives guidance, and heals all those whom she encounters. She is an ordained minister in the Alliance of Divine Love, a practitioner of Plant Spirit Medicine, and an herbalist. Here is Our Story.
(Yuroc, Manager):

Yuroc was given his Spirit name by a Quechua shaman near Macchu Picchu. It means "spiritual man." He does editing, production and web development, holds a doctorate in computer science, and is making good progress at learning to listen to his heart. He is CEO of the 5th World Fund and one of the Family of 13, beings who are incarnated now on Earth to help with the transition to the 5th World, but previously lived as Zetas. Here is Our Story. See him interviewed on Conscious Conversations.

Eisei Komatsu

(Eisei Komatsu):

Good Visioneer of the 5th World Eisei is chief translator for the Japanese language. Eisei also coordinates a large group of Stewards who periodically gather to perform planetary healing visualizations through the 5th World Fund Project. Eisei's Science of Nature site.

Judy Carroll

(Judy Carroll):

One of the Family of 13, beings who are incarnated now on Earth to help with the transition to the 5th World, but previously lived as Zetas. Author of Human by Day, Zeta by Night, and co-author of The Zeta Message. Judy's UFOGreyInfo site.

Helene Kaye

(Helene Kaye):

One of the Family of 13, beings who are incarnated now on Earth to help with the transition to the 5th World, but previously lived as Zetas. Co-author of The Zeta Message. Mother of Kira, also in the Family of 13, who vocalized the Planetary Healing Visualization for the 5th World Fund project.

Aingeal Rose O'Grady

(Aingeal Rose O'Grady)

Aingeal Rose has over 35 years of metaphysical and psychic experience as a world-renowned Akashic Records Reader. She founded Holistic Ireland, the World of Empowerment Organization, Turtle Island Survival, the Honest-to-God Series and the Spirit of Love Project. She regularly conducts quantum jumping classes and group Akashic Records readings. She hosts a weekly radio show and is a well-known writer of metaphysical eBooks. She provides the Akashic Records readings for the Touch the Sky Cosmic Energy Essences made from authentic English crop circles.

Barbara Lamb

(Barbara Lamb):

Each summer Barbara takes a group of seekers into the fields of England to visit authentic crop circles. In each powerful energetic formation, Barbara brings a bottle of pure well water and sits in a respectful and meditative process that asks the circle makers to convey the beneficial energies from the formation into the water for distribution to people around the world. Since 2001, 81 energized waters have been collected. See Touch the Sky Cosmic Energy Essences.

Judith Moore

(Judith Moore):

Judith is a veteran crop-circle reseacher. She co-authored Crop Circles Revealed with Barbara Lamb. She is a sensitive and an intuitive. She helps interpret the meanings and intentions of the crop circles that we use to create the Touch the Sky Cosmic Energy Essences.

Ashayana Deane

(Ashayana Deane):

Ashayana leads the Azurite Press and its worldwide network of activities that are working with the Guardian Alliance to adjust the energy grids of Earth and to prepare for the higher spiritual evolution of its people.

Eileen Duhné
(Eileen Duhné, Publicist):

Eileen is our top-of-the-line publicity superstar. She glides through the world of publicity like she was born to it. Nothing stops this star from shining!


(Tatsuyuki Tanaka):

Steward of the 5th World forest48 is our designated graphic artist and web animator. His work is awesome! His Tiny Motion Pictures site.

Yin Yang

(Yin Yang, Property Defender):

Yin Yang owns the building where good books are stored. Woe to any rodent that decides to occupy the premises. Watch out, mice and rats! Yin Yang has your number! But no email, web site, or smart phone.



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